• ASUTIBS National Conference

    Abstract to be submitted on or before 31st October, 2018

  • ASUTIBS National Conference

    Abstract to be submitted to the email: asutibsnatconference@gmail.com

  • Food Practicals

    Meal prepared by AOCAY-Cefter students in the laboratory

  • CEFTER Students in food Lab

    The Rector, AOCAY, inspecting Practicals conducted by CEFTER Students


    Students in the Hall for the first Semester, 2017/2018 AOCAY-CEFTER Examination

  • AOCAY CEFTER Students

    AOCAY CEFTER Students

  • Partnership Agreement Signing

    Signing of the BSU/AOCAY CEFTER Parnership Agreement.

  • Courtsy Visit

    AOCAY-CEFTER Management & Technical Staff Visit to the formal Registrar Benue State University, Makurdi.

  • Studens/Applicants can now pay fees with ease from the comfort of their homes


Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture, Yandev is one of the oldest specialized institutions in Nigeria, established in 1926. The institution has the primary mandate of training middle level manpower, conducting relevant research to achieve farmers plight and extension of research findings that are beneficial to farmers and industries.

Recently, Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture, Yandev was nominated by the Benue State University to support its intention of winning the world bank grant for the establishment of the Africa Centre of Excellence (ACE) in the area of post-harvest management. Indeed, the college participated in the process and performed very well. This made the college relevant on the project and it will interest you to know that BSU has won the grant (CEFTER project) This implies that AOCAY is not just an institution of learning, but is a centre of excellence where farmers, students and sector partners will interact to solve... Read More

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Top Management Team

Engr. Dr. Ahemen S. A
Engr. Dr. Ahemen S. A

Rector/Partner Leader

Mr. Tughgba John
Tughgba John

Registrar AOCAY

Mr. Ngimbo E.
Mr. Ngimbo E.

Bursar AOCAY

Engr. Ikerave A. F
Engr. Ikerave A. F

Partner Manager AOCAY-CEFTER


  • CEFTER has come at the right time, especially as it has Post-harvest Management as its primary objective. It will encourage staff to intensify research in Crop & Fish Post-harvest Processing and Storage in order to develop skills that will help reduce the qualitative and quantitative losses associated with farm produce in Nigeria. As a college community we are proud to partner with BSU on the CEFTER project as it has recognize our intellectual capacity and by this project we are equally promoted to a centre of excellence. Engr. Dr. Ahemen S. A

  • I am happy that the World Bank has meritoriously approved our College as one of the few Centres for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER) to conduct research and offer training programmes in Post-harvest Science and Technology. I am proud of the professional competence and wealth of experience of all the administrative and academic staff that constitutes the technical team for the implementation of the CEFTER mandate in AOCAY. I have no doubt in my mind that the project shall succeed in developing/disseminating relevant knowledge and technologies that will greatly reduce post-harvest food losses, enhance food security, eradicate poverty especially amongst the rural farmers in Benue state, Nigeria and globally. Mr. P. T. Lan

  • The presence of CEFTER in AOCAY is a welcome development as it will mutate all structures of the college into centre of excellence. The presence of CEFTER will also bring an accounting system that will provide an opportunity for staff of the bursary department to key into international best accounting practices. The Bursary will offer maximum support to CEFTER in order to actualize the vision, mission and objectives of the project. Mr. Ngimbo E.